When I was planning to update my business cards, I read how I initially described myself as a “CUSTOMER SERVICE SPECIALIST.” I thought with 25 plus years of providing Customer Service advice, I had become a specialist in this field. I took some time to reflect and thought “Just WHAT is a CUSTOMER SERVICE SPECIALIST and is this term easily understood?” I then realized what I offer is a service to HELP Businesses and changed my title to CUSTOMER HELPER because that’s what I REALLY do. I simply HELP my CUSTOMERS by providing advice to HELP THEM better satisfy their customers. CUSTOMER SERVICE SPECIALIST “sounds” more impressive but really, what do I really offer? My customers can better understand this as the title is simple AND the focus in on HELPING CUSTOMERS rather than on me, as it should be. How can you simplify the terms you use to describe yourself or offerings for ease of understanding for your customers? Many businesses may mistakenly use jargon that they are familiar with but may be lost and confusing to their customers. Always consider and create words and methods to simplify the message you project. Be sensitive to WHO you are talking to and modify your words to their level of understanding. Remember most people would rather have simplicity in their lives vs difficulty. Do your best to simplify anything in your business that can best assist all you serve, staff and customers alike.