Owner’s Parking Spot

As a child, when my dad took us shopping, he would be upset when he pulled into a parking lot and the owner and staff had taken all the best spots. I would think, “What’s the big deal? If the person OWNS the place, he can park where he wants. The others work there.” Older and wiser, I grew to understand why my dad was upset. Sure the owner has the right to park wherever he wants. After all he does own the business, BUT who is making it possible for the owner to be in business? CUSTOMERS. Shouldn’t customers be able to park in the best spaces to allow convenient access to the business? Similarly, customers should not have to wait minutes to be served while staff members finish personal phone calls or conversations. Improperly packed bags, that spill or are difficult for a customer to carry, is another example of not putting your customer first. Privilege is something that belongs to your CUSTOMER. Never forget that without them, your parking lot would be empty, and you would have lots of time to make those personal phone calls.

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